There’s bad news about the Good News these days.

         When God is calling missionaries to serve and Southern Baptists say they don’t have enough money to send them, that’s cause for concern.       

         So where’s the money?  Still in our pockets, unfortunately.

         Studies show most Southern Baptists are giving only 2 percent or so of their income to their churches, thus keeping 98 percent for themselves.      

         Now, think what this means.  It means we’re trying to impact local communities, send missionaries and reach the world for Christ on pocket change. This isn’t even close to the biblical tithe (10%).

         Most of us would not dream of tipping a server in a restaurant less than 15 percent.  So we’re giving God less than a decent tip.

          If all members tithed, the income of most churches would increase five times.  What could your church do with five times as much income?

         Well, perhaps with that much income, churches would give more through the Cooperative Program for state, national and international missions, more to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, more to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, and so on.

         And we would be sending more missionaries, as the Lord surely intends for us to do.

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