One of my favorite Christian bands is the group “Mercy Me.” The words to their songs often speak to my soul, their theology is dead-on in their lyrics, and I enjoy their music. One of their songs that I have been humming and listening to on my iPod for the last several months is the song “Because of This” found on their album “Spoken For.” The chorus of this song says, “It’s all because of this/ It’s all because of this/ We’ve tasted love, tasted hope, tasted holiness/ And they wonder why, we do the things we do.”

Over the weekend of April 30-May 1, Embrace Women’s Missions and Ministries held its first Embrace Leadership Training. The weekend was packed with plenary sessions and breakout sessions focusing on our women’s ministry’s three intents of evangelism, discipleship, and missions and a Muslim Prayer Tea. However, one of my favorite aspects in the planning process of the training event was our mission projects.

On the Saturday afternoon of the event we divided the ladies into nine different teams and blanketed the Wake Forest area to go and serve. Our ladies engaged in hands-on mission projects within a four mile radius of Southeastern Seminary. We worked with 40 West Ministries and prayer walked in the neighborhoods where they serve. In this area there is prostitution, gangs, drug use, drug deals, and even as our prayer walkers found out, voodoo and witchcraft. Our prayer walkers prayed for the Lord to demolish the strongholds the enemy has on the neighborhood. We were able to minister to “Miss Alice,” an older lady the 40 West missionaries have befriended in the neighborhood, by cleaning her house.

We prayer walked for Essentials Church and handed out cards for their church. We were able to share Christ with people with whom our prayer walkers came in contact. We were able to cook meals for the girls who live at House of Hope in Clayton and learn more about their ministry and what we can do to share Christ with teenage girls who are troubled and hurting.

We also painted some church walls and cleaned some church pews for a church that will move into a church building that has been vacant for many years. It is the only church in the neighborhood.


At the end of the day when we all returned to the campus for the final plenary and worship session, one might think that there were women who were tired, sweaty and ready to leave. While all the ladies were indeed tired, there was a great sense of exhilaration and awe of God and Who He is.

However, there was also a much stronger sense of brokenness. When the altar call was made for those who wanted to pray for the lost by name to go to the altar, this is what we saw:

And so, because of Miss Alice; because of the drug dealers, gang members, and prostitutes; because of the girls at the House of Hope; because of the people to whom Essentials Church and the new church will minister; and because of the 5.5 million lost people in North Carolina, this is why we do the things we do.

Because we have tasted love, tasted hope, and tasted holiness.

And we want others to taste the same.

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