The 21-year-old sat on the edge of his bed and although he didn’t say much, his eyes filled with tears. Our team shared the gospel and we told him about God’s love for him. One of our team members shared the story of the prodigal son and God’s abundant love for His children.

But the young man said he wasn’t ready.

His father is dead and his mother is very sick. This young man has such a huge weight of responsibility on his shoulders and no one to help him.

Yet, we sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence in that room. God is working in this young man’s life. He seemed like he wanted to believe and trust in Jesus Christ, but he just couldn’t. We are praying for God to change his heart so that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his savior.

This man’s story is not unlike the stories we have heard all week. In home after home we visit Moldovans who tell us that they believe in God, or that they are Christians, yet they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people here are so firmly grounded in their Orthodox beliefs that having a personal relationship with God, and the assurance of salvation, is something they have never heard.

During our first day here we met a woman who knew about God, but had never in her life heard the name of Jesus. We shared the gospel with her, and she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. We give God all the honor and praise for salvation!

Members of your Convention staff are in Moldova this week on a mission trip. Today we completed day number four of our ministry in the Moldovan villages. Our team is going door-to-door to help distribute food to people in need. While we are in these homes, we are sharing the gospel and praying with people.

Every afternoon our team is helping lead a kids’ camp. Some children who have never been to church before are coming to the camps. We are leading in crafts and games, but most importantly, we are sharing the love of Christ.

Other members of our team are helping lead pastor’s conferences and women’s conferences throughout Moldova. This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday nights, Milton A. Hollifield Jr. will preach during the evangelistic services. All week long we have been inviting people to these services. We are praying for God to change lives.

At least 700 villages in Moldova have no church or evangelical presence of any kind, while at least one Orthodox church is in 99 percent of all villages. Moldova is a poor country; the poorest in Eastern Europe.

The Baptist State Convention began a partnership last year between Baptists in North Carolina and Baptists in Moldova. The partnership is being coordinated by the Convention’s Office of Great Commission Partnerships in three strategic efforts: evangelize, congregationalize and disciple the residents of Moldova; strengthen their ability to train, send and support an international missions force; and provide leadership development opportunities for pastors.

We have met people this week who are hungry for the truth. They know something is missing in their lives. Please join us as we pray for the people in Moldova to come to know Jesus Christ. He is our hope, our peace and our redeemer. Please pray that these truths will penetrate hearts and that the gospel will transform lives!

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