Growing up in rural North Carolina, I was not exposed to much diversity.  My elementary school, junior high, and high school were primarily made up of students who looked, dressed, and talked the same.  We had an occasional out of town person show up at the beginning of the school year but not regularly.  Times have certainly changed and I praise God for that fact.  The world we live in now is one that is full of diversity even in rural North Carolina.

I believe we have gone through a four-phase journey in my lifetime from resisting diversity, to tolerating diversity, to accepting diversity, and now in many places embracing diversity.  There is no place greater where this is happening than in the Ebenezer Mission Church in Queens, NY.  Pastor Jae Lee and the people of Ebenezer embrace multiculturalism as who they are in Christ.  As I worshipped with this congregation last weekend, I looked on the platform to see 18-25 year olds who did not look or talk the same, but together they lifted one voice to God in praise.

The multicultural young people of Ebenezer have now planted three additional congregations within their church to reach their parents who speak their native heart language.  Under Pastor Lee’s leadership the congregation is breaking down barriers and reaching the world at their own back door as well as mobilizing to be on mission around the world.  In an era where young people are leaving the church in droves, God is using this generation in the Oakland Gardens area of Queens to celebrate diversity and turn the world upside down for His Glory!

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