Recently I had the opportunity to lead 16 North Carolina Baptist women on a mission trip to New York City.

The women represented ten different NC Baptist churches and ranged in age and background. They also ranged in mission experience – some having traveled the world sharing the Gospel, while for others this was their first mission trip.

During the weekend of September 8-11, we traveled to New York to serve alongside four different ministries in effort to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the nations that occupy the Metro New York area. Within this metro region, all of the nations are represented. One can easily hear all of the dialects and tongues of the world.

Among our group of 17 ladies, we had women for whom sharing the Gospel came very naturally. On mission sites, in the subways, on the buses and just walking around, they would very easily strike up a conversation with people and turn that conversation around to share the message that Jesus saves.

One of these ladies, Sandra, was able not only to share Christ, but lead a woman to pray to receive Christ in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. I will never forget the look of extreme joy on her face as she relayed that experience to me.

Another one of our ladies, Linda, shared Christ with a mom in The Bronx and the woman prayed to receive Christ.

Many more of our ladies were able to share Christ with others that they met – whether in brief moments or in the process of relationship building.

I am thankful that each of these ladies had a clear understanding of biblical missions. While serving alongside the various ministries was our platform that service by itself was not missions. If we were not intentional about sharing the Gospel, we simply would have been on a ministry trip, not a mission trip.

Truly only heaven knows the fruit that will come from our trip to New York. But, we trust that the seeds that were planted, and those we saw come to fruition, will bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus.

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