One of the things that strikes me most about Scripture is how involved God’s people were in His mission. At the conclusion of his epistles, the Apostle Paul commends both men and women for the work that they were doing for the Kingdom of Christ. His co-laborers were actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yet many of them were doing so in unfamiliar surroundings and among people that did not look like them. They were mission-minded individuals who did not hesitate to share the Gospel with those who were not like them.

Often when we think of missions, we think we need to book passage on a plane in order “to do missions.” Today, though, we can be on mission with the Lord right where we live. Within the state of North Carolina, there are 234 different people groups represented. But, how can we be mission-minded and involve our entire families? Here are some ideas:

  • Meet some of your neighbors and invite them and their children over for a meal and to play. Get to know them and their culture and pray for opportunities to share Christ.
  • What are some things going on in our world that we could do to serve others and share the Gospel? Packing a bucket for Haiti earthquake victims with our children is a great way to get involved. While packing, teach them about Haiti and pray for the victims and for their salvation.
  • Is there a homeless shelter or children’s home in your community? Volunteering to lead a kids’ Bible club with your children is a great way to share Jesus.


While some of these ideas seem simplistic, they are opportunities for us to be involved in missions and to involve our children in missions. Serving alongside your children in hands-on missions projects imparts lifelong lessons to them that help the next generation be mission-minded and mission-involved.

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