Last November I was asked if I could be a part of the Office of Great Commission Partnership’s kick-off to the Moldovan partnership. Though the elements of the kick-off had not been fleshed out or finalized, I was told it did include women’s conferences.

I immediately said, “yes.” Though I had just learned earlier in the year where Moldova is located in the world, I knew I wanted to be a part of the teaching team. I truly love to see and be a part of what God is doing and this seemed like a wonderful chance to engage in missions.

However, whenever God calls us to be a part of what He is doing, often we are stretched beyond what we think we can handle and taken out of the ways of life that are familiar and comfortable.

Our mission journey to Moldova included all of those aspects.

As we began to prepare for our women’s conferences, one of the things we learned early on was that our women would have to wear long skirts, go makeup free the entire week, and wear head coverings while teaching and training the women. We were also told that it was going to be cold – very cold and windy during our March week in Moldova. I remember when I received the email from our advance team in early February regarding this, I read the email and thought, “This will be a week outside of my comfort zone.”

The Lord has His way of humbling the proud – and those who take much too much for granted.

When we arrived in Moldova we were taken to eat lunch at the Moldova Baptist Union Building and then to the hotel to rest before dinner. We were told that in order to get hot water, we would need to let the water heat for approximately 20 minutes so it wouldn’t be cold.

I naively thought they were kidding. Only the next morning did I realize that it was no joke as I tried to wash my face with ice cold water. With each rinse of my face, I would place my numb hands against the heater in the bathroom to let them thaw before the attempting to splash the next handful of water on my face.

I was very much outside of my American comfort zone.

But, if you had asked me after the end of our first women’s conference in Balti the Wednesday of our trip if being removed from my comfort zone was worth it to teach the pastor’s wives in Moldova, I would have answered, “yes,” without any hesitation or reservation.

Three weeks later as I write this, I would still answer yes.

I would say yes because I saw our Mighty God move among the hearts of the women as they cried out to Him for the salvation of their loved ones and 3.4 million people without Christ in their country of 3.5 million citizens.

I would say yes because I heard women challenged to leave a spiritual legacy for their families.

I would say yes because I watched as women responded to one faithful servant sharing her testimony of hardship and God’s faithfulness to women who also know of hardship and God’s faithfulness.

I would say yes because God moved in an incredible way and He allowed my two godly women’s teaching partners and myself to be a part of it.

And that is to His glory.

Christ did not call us to live a life of comfort. A life on mission for the Lord is not one of comfort. I think about my 100 college friends that went to serve the Lord overseas. They did not leave behind family and familiarity to live and serve in exotic and fancy places because it was comfortable.

No, instead they went because there are lost people all over the world who are dying daily without a relationship with Christ and spending eternity separated from Him and they had a desire to share Him with others.

What comforts are holding you back from being on mission for the Lord?

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