The lostness of North America staggers the mind. Approximately 259 million residents have no relationship with Jesus Christ. In two of the world’s great countries, where “religious freedom” is held sacrosanct by their citizens, 259 million people drift through life without the life-transforming touch of Jesus. Here at Cross the Culture we find that unacceptable and as a part of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina we labor daily to assist churches, associations and networks in communicating the Gospel clearly, effectively and passionately. Through the Office of Great Commission Partnerships and working with strategic partners across North America, NC Baptists are striving to make a Kingdom difference through the planting of churches in Boston, New York City and Toronto. Take a moment and read/watch how NC Baptists are making a difference in one of the great cities of North America and the world.

North Carolina Baptists have entered into a new partnership focused on the Metropolitan Toronto area. The Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area (GTA) has a population of six million and is the largest metropolitan area in Canada. Nearly one out of every five residents of Canada lives in the GTA, making it a strategic center for reaching Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The partnership is focused on several specific goals, with church planting at the center of ministry for North Carolina Baptist churches that partner in Toronto. Goals include North Carolina Baptist churches assisting in the planting of 40 churches in Southern Ontario, 10 Cowboy churches across Canada and 10 Biker churches throughout Canada by 2021.

If your church is interested in helping plant new churches in Toronto your Pastor can call The Office of Great Commission Partnerships of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina at 1-800-395-5102, ext. 5654. We would love to help your church find her role in reaching Toronto for Christ.

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