A cold winter morning in Jackson Heights, Queens, is not the setting you would expect for a worship service. But one day last December, this is exactly where Cody Mummau and three others from Bethlehem Church in Gastonia, N.C., found themselves. Bethlehem is partnering with church planter Boto Joseph and House of Worship church in Yonkers.

The goal that December morning was to open the door to present the gospel by distributing winter coats in an effort the team coined, “Coats for Queens.” Throughout the morning, House of Worship and Bethlehem passed out coats, shared the gospel and sang praises to God. The coats were collected through the efforts of Bethlehem Church. Eight-year-old Claire Wray collected 75 coats because she wanted to make a difference through her Girls in Action (GAs) mission project. 

As a result of “Coats for Queens,” many people heard the gospel. People from all over the world – many Muslims, Hindus and people without any religious background – heard the name of Jesus because faithful believers shared a warm coat. We already know of two men who are coming to Bible study and seeking to learn more about the Jesus they first heard about on the streets of Jackson Heights that cold, December morning.Are you ready to get involved in all God is doing in New York? Is your church or your family ready? Contact the Office of Great Commission Partnerships (msowers@ncbaptist.org) and begin your journey of living out the Great Commission.

Watch “Coats for Queens” as it happened by clicking on the video below:

 [youtube cOYvKwBdkY4 nolink]

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