Here at Cross the Culture we exist to encourage and equip the evangelical church in communicating the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within various cultures both domestic and international. Our articles typically deal with issues pertaining to disciple-making, church planting, missions, leadership, cultural trends, population shifts, local church, etc.   Over the next few weeks we will publish a series of blogs entitled, The Six Deadly Sins Hindering Great Commission Leadership. The series, written for pastors, church planters and mission leaders; will be designed to help those involved in leading missional communities avoid some of the major leadership failures that cripple missional effectiveness. Today, we will simply introduce the list of Six Deadly Sins Hindering Great Commission Leadership.

  1. An Inward Focus.
  2. The Absence of Vision.
  3. The Presence of Vision but the Absence of Vision Community
  4. The Presence of Vision and Vision Community but the Absence of Strategy
  5. Micro-management
  6. Fixation with Public Opinion

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