While browsing through materials provided by the North American Mission Board in preparation for the mentor training of church planters, two questions came to mind: “Why is mentoring church planters important?” and “Why be intentional in mentoring church planters?”


  • Intentional, intensive relationships produce positive impact in a person’s life and ministry.
  • Studies indicate that church planters who meet regularly with a mentor for three years lead churches two times the size of those without a mentor.
  • Our environment today causes widespread feelings of rootless and disconnected relationships.
  • There is a lack of healthy leadership models for church planters to emulate.
  • Too many church planting leaders are not finishing well.
  • Many church planters find themselves isolated and lonely.
  • The problems church planters are facing cause high levels of frustration and burnout.
  • It provides accountability.
  • It promotes and encourages success.
  • We are involved in spiritual warfare.
  • Church planting must always be understood in terms of teamwork. 

So, who is your mentor?

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