Jesus has not called us to cheer others from the sidelines of a church pew, but rather to go, serve, pray, give — to keep a Kingdom vision as we make our way through life.

      For the Gospel to intercept life, followers of Jesus need to be in the middle of life! Paul writes in 5:14 of his second letter to the church at Corinth that we are compelled by Christ’s love for us.  When we look at Jesus we are humbled to see how His love for us took Him all the way to the Cross. 

      We are no longer to live unto ourselves, but for Christ who died for us.  When we learn that many have not met our Savior, their lostness compels us to share Him with them. 

      Across North Carolina there are an estimated 5.6 million lost people.  Many of these have come here from other lands and speak another language — more than 230 in fact.

      The North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO) is a part of how North Carolina Baptists respond to Christ’s love.
Consider that NCMO provides about a third of the funds the Baptist State Convention uses to start new churches.  In 2010, the convention supported some 150 church-planting missionaries who started 125 new churches.  That’s great news — a new church started every three days on average!  Yet, with 5.6 million lost people, how many churches are actually needed?

      If the average North Carolina Baptist church has 125 members, how many churches will it take for 5.6 million?  Do the math!

      But 62 percent of NCMO will go to NC Baptist Men and their 14 ministries. Men, women and students are involved in all these ministries.

      Disaster relief is the best-known ministry, of course, simply because the notion of being able to feed 50,000 people for weeks after a hurricane or other disaster is pretty amazing.  But NC Baptist Men have the equipment, training, coordination and experience to do just that.

      Two bus-mounted dental/medical clinics treated almost 5,000 patients last year.  Translation:  They helped thousands of people to quit hurting!

      NC Baptist Men did many other things — organized hundreds of volunteer teams to serve across the state and nation, plus overseas.  They taught missions and Christian beliefs to 1,000+ kids through Camp Caraway.

      But along with these specific ministries, don’t miss the big picture of what NC Baptist Men do:  They provide a framework that enables, activates and motivates tens of thousands of NC Baptist men and women to live out their faith through missions!

      Whether you have a few hours or a few years, they have a missions opportunity for you! If you want to volunteer, you have thousands of other Baptists to partner with — your service will ultimately have more results.

For more information on the North Carolina Missions Offering click here.

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